Virgins & Vixens: A New TTRPG!

Thank you for checking out my first tabletop RPG! 

Vixens & Virgins has been a whirlwind of passionate creation for the last few weeks. I was inspired by the #folklorejam and knew I wanted to create a stand-alone RPG for it, but I couldn't decide what to make the theme of my game. I have been teaching about folklore for nearly a decade, so narrowing all my ideas down to one story or genre seemed impossible... until I realized that I could write a game about the archetypes that are present in all folklore around the world! 

I had a blast creating the mechanics that get players to rewrite the tropes of women in folklore, fairy tales and mythology. We all love to see new takes on old tales and Virgins & Vixens gives that power to you and your gaming group. It's a lot of fun!

Currently, Virgins & Vixens is available as a full-color PDF and as a simplified printer-friendly (black and white) version. Both are available for the price of one. My game has been play tested numerous times,  but I will continue to improve it as I receive feedback from a larger pool of gamers. Feel free to reach out if  you want to share your thoughts or experiences! 

I'm currently working on many other tabletop RPG projects. Follow me on Twitter @goldenlassogirl or join my mailing list at to get updates on my latest stuff. I promise not to spam you! ;) 


Virgins & Vixens Print Friendly v1.1 (no Storybooks) .pdf 7 MB
May 19, 2019
Virgins & Vixens Full Color v1.1 6 MB
May 19, 2019
Storybooks (Character Sheets) Only.pdf 261 kB
May 19, 2019

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