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We've updated a lot of things! Please take the time to download these new documents and replace the v1.0 ones!

The main booklet has all the changes highlighted in yellow, the separate documents are just black and white for easy printing. 

Updates for v1.1  Change Log:

  • Breaking Point move changed to include mechanical results as well as narrative
  • Ship trust removed and replaced with damage boxes
  • Ship move modified to work with damage boxes instead of Trust
  • Trust bar goes from 0-5 instead of 1-6 to show that you can’t lose Trust to fall off the bar
  • Trust bar updated design
  • Trust now starts at 3 at character creation
  • Update to 7-9 result on Force is Necessary basic move
  • Greenhorn main stat changed to Courage
  • Explorer main stat changed to Brains
  • Hot shot playbook tweaked to be less focused on piloting (moves, confront list)
  • Rebel bold specialties changed
  • Rebel moves change (Lying, Now you See Me)
  • Warrior change -1 stat to Savvy 
  • Crew purpose/came together questions in crew creation section
  • Look and Demeanor menu added to all playbooks
  • Update world creation ship directions to include ship sections
  • Spelling and layout corrections
  • Rewording and clarifying of explanations and descriptions
  • Make play examples uniform in style
  • Trust Bonus adjusted


Starscape Beta V.1.1.pdf 5 MB
Dec 10, 2021
Playbooks Beta v1.1 Starscape.pdf 736 kB
Dec 10, 2021
Basic Moves v1.1 Starscape.pdf 93 kB
Dec 10, 2021
Ship Playbook Beta v1.1 Starscape.pdf 97 kB
Dec 10, 2021
GM Cheat Sheet Beta v1.1 Starscape.pdf 76 kB
Dec 10, 2021

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