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Decuma: The R&D for your RPG Campaign

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In Roman mythology, Decuma is the Fate tasked with allotting a mortal’s thread of life. This game is a tool that facilitates collaborative world-building using tarot cards. It is effectively a game-before-the-game that includes everyone in creating location elements, connections between PCs, and world dynamics that you can weave into your long-term campaign!

Decuma works with any RPG system or setting. You can use it for fantasy, sci-fi, horror, modern superheroes and anything else! It is also designed to play in conjunction with any RPG system, from D&D or Savage Worlds to PBTA and FATE

What does Decuma do?

Character Connections Players come to the table with basic character concepts, but by using Decuma they create backstory and connections with one another that enrich the story. It gives the players and the GM lots of story elements to work with so no more meeting in a tavern!

Location Building Decuma facilitates collaborative world building for any setting! Whether you need a fantasy village, a generation ship in space or a neighborhood in an urban city, this game can make it! By the end of your session you will have a map to reference during your campaign, as well as NPCs the party can interact with and cultural elements, such as slang or philosophical beliefs. Best of all, the players know the location as well as the GM so lots of game time is saved asking basic questions!

Group Dynamics Your PCs shouldn’t just have history with each other! They have been interacting with the rest of the world too! Who are the party’s allies? What do they believe in? What big event made them famous or infamous? Building another layer on the location and character connections that Decuma builds, they players also gets to build a collective history that will impact how they interact with the game world as a collective!

Customize Decuma

Have a lot planned for your campaign already or want to use a pre-written adventure? No problem! Decuma is highly customizable!  You can use it to just create character connections, or just a location, or only the party's political connections. There are lots of options and combinations so that you can add depth exactly where you want! You can even play it as a stand-alone world creation game!

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I love worldbuilding, session zero games! Now I need to get a tarot deck.